Sunshine. Amazing pools. Huge theme parks. Your trip to Orlando was always going to be great. But when you rent a Chevy Volt, you'll also score a Plug-In Perks Pass for a VIP experience!

Hotel Perks (Free parking, free charging, free valet)

The following partner hotel provides free valet and charging:
Marriott World Center

The following partner hotels provide free parking and charging:
Hyatt Regency, Renaissance, Hyatt Grand Cypress, Shingle Creek, DoubleTree Seaworld

The following partner hotel provides free charging:

Preferred Parking & Free Charging
at Theme Parks & Convention Center

We hope you like front row parking, because that’s where you’ll be.

Universal Studios:
Universal Studios:

Drive up to the valet area by the entrance. Electric car parking and charging is on the right.

Disney Animal Kingdom:
Disney Animal Kingdom:

Let the attendants know you are parking your electric car. Follow the blue line past the handicap parking, right up by the entrance.

Disney Epcot:
Disney Epcot:

Let the attendants know you are parking your electric car. Follow the blue line past the handicap parking, right up by the entrance.

Convention Center:
Convention Center:

There are several options for electric vehicle parking and charging at the Orlando Convention Center. View Locations

3 Months of Free CLEARLane Access

Skip the long security line at the airport. What a time (and hassle) saver! As a benefit of your Drive Electric Orlando rental, join CLEAR and get a 3 month free trial with promo code DRIVE3 at clearme.com or when you enroll with a CLEAR ambassador at the airport. You’ll also receive a discounted annual renewal rate of $155 ($24 savings)!
Get Your Free CLEARLane Access

VIP Treatment at Epcot’s Test Track Ride

No longer available

You’ll receive a ticket from Enterprise when you pick up your car. Use the ticket to go straight to the front of the line at Epcot’s Test Track. And, while you’re there, take a break from the heat and chill out in the exclusive VIP lounge.

Chevy Volt
Easy to Drive, Easy to Love

The Chevy Volt is the electric car with a back-up plan. It uses electric when it can, and gas only when it needs to. It’s easy to charge and easy to drive – plus, you save time and money. What’s not to love?
Easy to Charge Video

Skip the Gas Station — Free Charging

Forget about that scramble to fill up the tank on the way to the airport. With more than 300 plug-in charging stations at hotels, restaurants and theme parks, your car can charge while you’re working, eating, sleeping or playing. Less time at the pump means more time for fun.
Find a Charging Station

“We didn’t have to stop for gas the entire trip. The car charged while we were sleeping or out having fun at the parks!”

– Chris, Denver Dad