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How Does It Work?

Ready to get behind the wheel of America’s transportation future?  Drive Electric Orlando offers a seamless car rental experience.

Orlando is an ideal place to use an electric vehicle.  All of the major tourist attractions and business locations are well within the range of electric vehicles and there are many charging stations where you will need them.

Renting the Car

Renting an electric vehicle is just as easy as renting any other vehicle, and much more exciting. Visit one of our  Orlando rental car agencies to get started, or call your travel agent.

When you pick up your car, a rental car agent will provide you with a brief tutorial on all you’ll need to know to operate the vehicle, and where you can find charging stations around the Orlando area. What the agent won’t tell you is where to find the nearest gas station … because you won’t need one!

Charging the Car

Have you ever plugged in a cell phone or a laptop? Then you’re ready to charge an electric car!

Connecting your car to a charging station is simple.  Simply swipe the key fob on your rental key ring at the station and the connector will release.  The connector will fit easily into the port and click in.  A blue light will indicate that charging has begun.  When you are done, disconnect the connector and replace it on the charging station pedestal.

In many cases, travelers won’t need to even think about charging, because many area hotels are ready to take care of that for you. But if you do need to charge the battery, the process is simple.

A GPS mapping system comes standard in your vehicle and can quickly identify the nearest charging station, many of which offer free charges and many of which are conveniently located at commonly visited hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

There are also a number of smart phone applications designed to make finding electric vehicle charging stations easy and convenient.

Charging time varies depending on the amount of charge you need and the voltage of the charger. But most drivers will only need to charge their cars overnight at their hotels, providing all the power needed for a full day of exploring Orlando.

Electric Vehicle Range

The typical plug-in electric car lets you explore all that Orlando has to offer on a single charge. A Nissan Leaf, for example, offers a normal range of up to 100 miles, more than enough to go from the airport to your hotel, to the convention center or area theme park, shopping, restaurants and more.

Some electric cars, like the Chevy Volt, also provide extended range using a conventional gasoline engine.  These vehicles typically offer 30 to 40 miles of all-electric driving, and then several hundred miles of gasoline-powered range if needed.

All electric vehicles have a prominent display showing battery life and range, as well as a GPS unit identifying the nearest available charging stations.  Orlando already has more than 150 charging stations so you will be able to plug in at most of your favorite stops.

Checking-in to the Hotel

Many of our hotel partners offer free valet parking for electric cars. Simply pull up to valet parking and the attendant will not only park your car, but also plug it in to recharge the battery.

At hotels that don’t offer free valet parking, simply park in one of the designated charging station spots, plug-in your car and head to your room. View our list of hotel partners that offer charging stations for guests.

There are nearly 14,000 rooms that are electric car ready with more coming online every day.

Business Travelers and Convention Goers

Drive Electric Orlando offers a great way for business travelers to add some electricity to their next Orlando meeting.  Renting an electric vehicle on your next business trip in Orlando is also a simple and fun way to advance corporate sustainability goals.  Electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions and offer significant reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide compared to gasoline vehicles.[1]

Drive Electric Orlando is also working with major local and international corporations to help offer green conventions.

The Orange County Convention Center offers four conveniently located charging stations at no charge to meeting attendees, and many neighboring hotels offer charging stations as well.


In most cases the rental cost for an electric car is no different from that of a typical midsize car, and you’ll get free GPS and Bluetooth enabled radios—normally a premium service.  Check with your Orlando rental car agency or travel agent to determine your exact costs and any discounts that may apply.

Most electric vehicle renters find the cost to be far lower than renting a gasoline-powered vehicle, because there is no need to visit a gas station. And many of our travel partners offer free charging, making for a very cost-effective rental.

Costs at other charging stations vary, but a typical electric vehicle can be completely charged for about $3.00 in total.  That’s compared to $60 for a typical mid-size gasoline-powered sedan.


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