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Savings Comparison

Various Rental Car
Costs in Orlando
Renting a Standard Mid-Size Car in Orlando for a Week Renting a Plug-In Electric Car in Orlando for a Week
Cost of Car Rental $200 – $250 Same
Average Fuel Cost $50 $15 or less
Parking at Hotel $5 – $15 FREE
Valet Parking $20 and higher FREE
GPS Unit in Car $12 FREE
Use CLEAR Lane at Orlando Airport $179 for annual pass FREE
TOTAL $500 or more $200 – $265

More than just experiencing the latest in transportation technology, visitors who rent an electric car in Orlando can also save money and receive some serious perks.

Charging an electric car costs a fraction of the price of paying for gas. Combine that savings with free charging, free valet parking at numerous hotels, a free GPS unit in your vehicle and other parks… and your rental car can literally pay for itself.

Visitors to Orlando who rent an electric car will also be eligible to receive a free 3-month membership to CLEAR, which will allow them to use the employee line when leaving. That’s right, along with bypassing the gas stations, electric car drives can also skip the long lines at the airport.

*Cost of Car Rental:  Approximately $30 to $40 per day plus taxes and fees
*Average Fuel Cost:  Based on average of 500 total miles driven during weeklong stay
*Parking at Hotel:  Many of Orlando’s top hotels have partnered with Drive Electric Orlando to offer electric car renters free valet parking, along with free charging


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