Tips for Better Performance in your Electric Vehicle

on Apr 24, 2021 in Driving Electric Cars

Any vehicle owner is curious about the mileage of his vehicle because that involves huge money while using the vehicle, be it fuel-based or an electric one. As the rates of fuel are sky-rocketing, all vehicle owners are searching for a way to improve the efficiency of their vehicles.

While we cannot do more about the fuel-based vehicle, we can have good hopes of increasing the capacity or improve electric vehicle battery range by doing some easy tricks.

Tips to Improve EV Performance:-

If you feel to get maximum coverage in the battery life there are some certain ways to improve electric car’s range. Here are some things to do –

Avoid EV’s heater:

This can put a big consumption on your EV’s battery. One can opt for a car blanket instead.

EV performance

Maintain your Speed:

Keeping the speed around or below 60 mph will boost the efficiency greatly. It is reported to save 14% of energy if you go down by 10 mph slower.

Drive smoothly:

While accelerating at the start, always go easy on pushing the jab. With a controlled push, you can save significant energy.

Maintain tire conditions:

Properly maintained tires will reduce the load on energy consumption as the improperly inflated tires will eat more energy and will lead to wear-n-tear too early.

consumption EV battery

Do not overload EVs

Overloaded EVs with additional roof racks are bound to consume more energy. At higher speeds, this load will create more aerodynamic drag leading to more consumption.

Charging must be planned:

Overcharging may lead to the self-discharge of batteries. Time the charging well so that you get maximum coverage when you start to travel.

Regenerative braking:

Maximise regenerative braking by avoiding frequent braking.  You can use EV’s regenerative braking function when you stop your vehicle as this will give you extra power back to the vehicle’s battery.

The above tips for better performance in your electric vehicle will not only boost your EV’s battery life but will also give you great enjoyable rides