Tesla Vs. Rivian: Which Car Company Will Win

on Aug 9, 2021 in Electric Cars Alternatives

In this article, we’re going to discuss Tesla vs. Rivian: which car company will win. Rivian’s stock has been under stress, but with a market valuation of more than $100 billion, larger than GM and Ford. It’s impossible to argue that the electric car startup hasn’t been a considerable success.

Because of all the excitement around Elon Musk’s sale of Tesla shares to former Tesla employee Peter Rawlinson’s Lucid Group, which came out publicly already next year and is now valued at over $80 billion. Almost as big as the Detroit mainstays, the sellers and buyers action in EV stocks has been furious.


Rivian vs. Tesla’s comparison has already been making some gains as the stock market faces. A new test following President Joe Biden’s re-appointment of Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Promising market predictions that shareholders were just about to switch back into alternative investments. And distant from the hottest development names forward with interest rate hike demands.

Market bubbles and Rivian

According to Colas, Rivian’s value is quite high. “It’s impossible to avoid it. “Every time you’re talking about a firm that hasn’t sold a single product and has a $100 billion value. It’s a large investment, but it’s not a bubble,” he explained.


Tesla did not reach an $80 billion market valuation until early 2020, according to Colas, and by that time, it was producing 100,000 vehicles every quarter. Rivian has just recently begun shipping its first client vehicles.

Tesla has adopted a more independent approach, vertically consolidating battery cell manufacture and self-driving data processing. This article is a guide to the Tesla vs. Rivian showdown.

Rivian has a partnership with Amazon, which owns a 20% investment in the company, to offer 100,000 vehicles by 2025. Furthermore, despite canceling the Lincoln SUV that would’ve been based on a Rivian platform. Ford, some other major shareholder, has consistently stated that its participation in Rivian is significant.